Mongolian Shamans Messages for the World

Mongolian Shamans Messages for the World

Written Up by Gwendolyn C. Natusch, M.Ed., MSW

(Please note that I will not use the correct name for the disease that is being spoken about in this document so that I can offer it on Facebook and not get taken down. This has already happened and it, sadly, hasn’t been shared until today.)

On Monday July 27th, 2020 an unprecedented and historic event occurred. Today’s technological advances has allowed for live transmissions via Zoom from Mongolia to the United States of a Shamanic Ceremony to be experienced by people all over the world. Hundreds zoomed in to witness ceremony performed by Mongolian Shamans and to participate with them in their efforts to end this world wide disease, and further; to assist in the dissemination of this information in order to bring more people into the effort to bring an end to the global health threat in order to heal and rebalance earth.

The Society for Shamanic Practice, early in July 2020, was contacted by Mongolian shamans via a man who is also from Mongolia and lived in the US for a time. His name is Bachi and during his time in the United States he was involved with the Society for Shamanic Practice (SSP). Bachi is the connector and translator for the Mongolian Shamans and reached out to SSP who brought in and is working on this project in partnership with Shamanism Without Borders Together they have orchestrated this amazing and historic event.

These are Mongolian Shaman’s who are descendant from Ganges Kahn. They are spiritual warriors. The Shamans of Mongolia have been deep in spiritual work to eradicate the World Health Problem and to restore health and balance to nature and man. Since the breakout of this disease, Mongolia has had individuals carrying this sickness and have returned home to their country, but what they have witnessed is that the illness does not spread to others. Mongolia is free of this global sickness. How is this possible one might ask? It is possible through the spiritual work of the Shaman’s who are working on the spiritual level, in non-ordinary reality, with Spirit(s) to combat and dissipate this disease and to discover the source of this imbalance on earth for the restoration of nature and human kind across the globe.

Over 900 people from around the world tuned into Zoom to open a 14-day ceremony intended to clear the disease from the USA. As preparations for the opening ceremony began, Bachi began to tell us what the Mongolia Shamans had discovered while deep in a trance state working to understand how to eradicate the virus. The shamans saw in trance that a big black dragon was swirling and pounding the ground over North and South America. The dragon swirled and pounded its tail on the ground. They reported that the tail of the dragon is what is over the North and South American continent. The Shaman’s intention for their 14-day ceremony is to cut off the tail of the dragon and vanish the disease and banish the dragon.

Live Stream: Day One

In the first live stream we, the witnesses, observe people preparing for the ceremony and the events that will transpire for the coming days. Individuals are building Gers (ger is a hut and its pronunciation rhymes with air). Gers are huts build specifically for ceremonies such as this. These huts are where the Shaman’s will do trance work and take journeys into the spiritual realms for healing, understanding, messages for the people, and to fight the dragon and win victory over the global sickness for the next two weeks.

The camera allows us to be privy to the 12 Mongolian Shamans as they arrive one by one to the sacred ground to prepare for the opening ceremony. Each Shaman will battle the dragon and work to cut off the dragon’s tail. The dragon will be battled 12 times, each battle will be different according to the gifts and tools and spirits of each Shaman. The first to arrive to the opening ceremony circle is the Elite Shaman. He is dressed in the garb of the Shaman.

In the opening ceremony the Elite Shaman throws a ceremonial bowl three times to divine what the outcome of their work will be against the black dragon. The bowl is thrown and it lands facing up all three times. This indicates success three times so success in the defeat of the dragon is assured. If the bowl had landed face down this would indicate that more spiritual work is needed. In this case, more work would be needed to cut off the tail of the dragon and defeat the disease. It is promising to begin with three bowl tosses that divine success in the Shaman’s efforts.

The twelves Shamans arrive and take their places one at a time. They move through a ritual dance, drumming and movement before they sit. This is ceremony to bring their consciousness into a deeper state of awareness; a trance state. They have attendants who tend to them so that they remain steady and do not fall or run into anything as they go deeper and deeper into an inner, spiritual awareness. Once they sit, they are given milk which is a mixture of milk, vodka and tea which they call “milk”. They are also given cigarettes. These assist the Shamans in the ceremony to come. As the Shaman’s prepare and are readied, they move into a new state of consciousness beneath their eye curtains which is the division between the spirit world and ordinary reality or ordinary consciousness. They hold and eat hot coals from the fire. I am unsure why they do this, but a few of the Shamans held red hot coals and ate them, chewing and munching loudly on the hot, red coal chunks which were burned, coal like and large pieces of food that had burned in the fire.

The first ceremony at the opening of this intention to eradicate the disease and to restore balance in nature is all in support of the Shaman’s going into trance and journeying to discover what is needed to bring to the fire ceremony. The Shamans also receive information and messages during this time of trance state insight.

Messages from the Shamans

There are twelve shaman and many of them gave messages. Bachi sat with many of them and then translated their messages to those in attendance via the live feed. It wasn’t always easy to hear the translation with the sound of drumming happening and other sounds of natural instruments being played as the Shamans gathered around the circle and settled themselves into trance. They each drank milk and were given cigarettes and other offerings in preparation to step into an altered state of consciousness.

The first Shaman that Bachi heard was weeping as he spoke. He said: “Ask for forgiveness of Mother Earth for not caring or tending her, then she will start listening. Mother Nature is crying because human kind has become so selfish. Clear our own hurt, our own wounds. In all of our responses we can heal or hurt. This is a call for unity. We are all one. We are living in one world. In any tragedy come closer to Mother Earth, come closer to nature. The world will become a much better place when we get through this. The more ceremony we do and the more people we involve the illness gets smaller and smaller. Shamans from everywhere practice differently. As long as you practice your way, with your heart and great intention, this is what matters.”

The question hanging in my mind is why is the tail of the dragon swirling and pounding the ground of the North and South Americas? The Shaman’s indicate that the dragon is not just over the Americas but that this is what it is doing over the Americas and Spirit has indicated that this is important to eradicate. The Shamans then say that in North America, the US, there is no reciprocity with Mother Earth. Modern Nations just take resources. They do not ask the land; they do not ask nature and the do not give back! They take and take and take and nature and man become imbalanced. The focus and the only focus of the 14-day ceremony is on cutting the tail off of the black dragon and ending the global illness and bringing nature into balance and humankind back into right relationship with Mother Earth and nature itself. The coronavirus is a manmade disease because of this imbalance.

Bachi sits with another Shaman and their messages is this: Mother nature is taken aback because of the carelessness of man towards nature. It is hard for nature to handle it. So now nature starts elimination work because too many lives have been destroyed and nature cannot handle it and so we have natural disasters. In your journey work and your meditations respect Mother Earth, pray to and for Mother Earth. Ask for help from your ancestors, both living and dead. Ask from your heart with feeling and love and right intention.

Live Stream: Day Two

Question & Answers with Bachi

Bachi begins to share information with us about the Mongolian Shamans and their practices. He shares that when the Shamans go into trance they channel or bring through information from Shamans that no longer walk the earth and are 700 to 800 years old. As I witness the Shamans channel the spirits that follow and work with the Shamans they come through speaking in tones and voices that sound very ethereal. Some of the Shamans speak in very low tones that have a sort of reverberation in the sounds of their voices. Other Shamans come through with very high-pitched voices and others sound almost like cartoon character voices. It has been fascinating to witness. As a shamanic practitioner myself, I have experienced a shift in my tonality and in cadence, but this really was quite striking to hear the voices from these Mongolian Shamans. When the Spirit Shamans come through, they speak ancient Mongolian.

The Mongolians believe that there are thousands of War Lords in the sky ready to fight the world disease. The Shamans ask the land for permission to do a ceremony in the place where they have built their ger and their fire. They explained to the land spirits, before they set up this spot for the ceremony, what they were going to do and why they were doing it. The land spirits granted them permission to hold the ceremony to eradicate the illness by cutting off the tail of the dragon that is pounding its tail on the land in the United States.

One of the Shamans says, “We musts become unified to overcome this sickness in the world.”

Bachi shares that the name of this global illness is the Spanish word that means crown – makes the earth’s condition very important. He tells us that the Shamans ensure that the world sickness will be gone in two weeks. The end of the ceremony…two weeks…at that time the dragon will be without a tail!

I couldn’t help but think a bit about the show “The Game of Thrones” when I hear about the dragon and the battle in the sky with the sky worriers. It is thrilling though to hear this from the Shamans and to witness their ways.

Bachi shares more about the Shamans practice. He tells us via video feed on Zoom that the Shaman Spirits come through their armpit and not the crown of the head. They believe the armpit is the easiest way for the Shaman Spirits to merge with the Shamans.

The Shamans say that at this time the sun is too far away to fight the virus and that every 60 years there is a virus that breaks out on earth. They also believe at this time that there is too much pollution in the air and this keeps out the sun as well from reaching the surface of earth and balancing things such a sickness.

The Shamans wear feathered headdresses and eye curtains as well as their drums on their backs. Throughout all of the ceremonies the drums are played. The Shamans also wear mirrors on their clothing and on their headdresses. These mirrors are used as protection and to reflect off of them any evil energies. The mirrors are also said to catch and hold evil energies.

The Shamans want to cut the tail off of the dragon so that the sun can come through and balance and reduce the disease naturally. The worst hit with the global illness are the industrial nations because the sun cannot penetrate these areas on earth.

The Shamans say that we only help ourselves and we live longer the animals do not live longer. There is an inference here that we don’t help the animals we really only help ourselves.

Another Shaman says that meditation is not spirituality. Spirituality is something else.

Live Stream: Day Three

Mongolian Shaman Fire Ceremony

The fire ceremony begins. The fire is built before the Elite Shaman and other shamans arrive. The fire is built in the shape of a goat as a symbol and offering of the goat to the ceremony and its intention. It is a black goat that the fire is built in the shape of. It faces west towards the United States. It is a black goat to undo and eradicate the black disease.

Three female shamans light the fire. There are female shamans and Spirits find the female energy softer and their energy more stable. They light the fire and due to the wet land the rains in their area it takes some time to get the fire going. The female shaman light the fire and the male shamans go to battle against the dragon in order to cut the tail off of the black dragon!

One of the shamans says to Bachi, “In your heart and mind, release this disease.”

The black goat fire also has ribbons tied around it. The ribbons are yellow, blue, white and green.

White represents milk; the sweet milk that is an offering to Spirit

Red represents fire

Blue represents the sky

Yellow represents the sun

Green represents nature and the land

The fire is a transformative element and we burn all of our intentions and our own prayers on prayer ribbons. You can do this on your own in your own fire ceremony. You can use other things like colored paper, yarn etc to represent your intentions. All is burned in the fire. All the prayers and intentions for the defeat ot the illness! To win the battle of cutting off the tail of the Black Dragon that is beating itself on the land of America! To dissolve and heal this black sickness and also the imbalance of our relationship with nature and mother earth so that we can emerge as a relationship between man and mother earth that is reciprocal; based on reciprocity.  Giving and receiving in equal measure with love and gratitude and in awareness of the gits we have to give mother earth and the sustaining life force that she gives us. To be in balance with all Nature and to stand in right relationship with all of life and to know our place on/in the web of life.

In the fire ceremony worshipping happens at the fire – sending messages in the smoke that goes up into the sky to Source. Fire and smoke is powerful in this way.

One of the Shaman’s says: “It doesn’t matter where you are on the earth, we are one.”

As the fire ceremony begins and the fire is ablaze, each of the shamans comes to the fire one at a time to battle the black dragon. The shamans play the drum while they journey before the fire and work to cut the tail off of the black dragon on the spiritual plane. Shamans move into trance with the drum. The Shamans are assisted to the fire in a trance state so they can see into the spirit realm while also walking here on the mundane level of every day. When they are finished, they are assisted back to their seated place around the fire while the next shaman comes to the fire. The other shamans around the fire continue to speak and give messages from Spirit. The voices of the shamans seem ethereal and almost unreal. Some of their voices are very high and other’s voices are very low.

Others around the fire offer milk as offering to the ceremony and to spirit. They do not throw the milk on the fire but near the fire. They offer sage, milk, butter and heart felt intentions to the fire and to Spirit.

Some of the shamans will lead songs around the fire which raises the vibration by bringing song and joy and happiness to the fire ceremony. The offerings are given or thrown to the earth around the fire but not to the fire. Other shamans will actually eat hot, red glowing coals from the fire and hold them in their hands with no result of harm.

Message from one of the shamans: “There is one plant that grows out of rock. It is green and   grows in cold climate and is used for this sickness, against it.”

This shaman asks everyone to give milk offerings to nature, to the sun, to the mountains and to ask for forgiveness and to get rid of this world wide illness as soon as possible.

Bachi shares that within 30 days the result of this 14-day ceremony of the 13 shamans the global sickness will be gone. It could be 13 days, 17 days or 30 days. Starting tomorrow (July 31st, 2020), Bachi says, we begin to see progress. Check the website of Society of Shamanic Practice for these updates.

The fire burns down and out and this day’s ceremony is complete. The shamans will continue for the next 10 days. They will dance and channel for the next several days ahead. We can give milk to earth and butter and sage as our offerings every day during the time of this ceremony. Offer your gifts and say you are sorry to Nature. Ask to come into right relationship with Nature. Light candles, clear your own wounds, keep vigil for the next 10 days or until the end of the 14-day ceremony. Continue on with your own development of balance into reciprocity with Mother Earth/Nature.

Personal Fire Ceremony

How you can hold your own Fire Ceremony:

  1. Set your intention for the fire ceremony
  2. Write your intentions on cloth or paper in the colors of the ribbons used by the Mongolian Shamans. (white, blue, green, red and yellow)
  3. Blow your loving intentions into each piece of colored paper or colored ribbon so that your intentions will rise up in the smoke and be heard by Nature and Spirit
  4. You can also use matches to blow your intentions into and then burn the match in a fire proof container outside.
  5. Give a daily offering of milk, butter, and sage to the earth, to Nature and say you are sorry to Nature for being out of reciprocity (giving back and not just taking from Nature). Ask to be inspired how you can clear your own nature and how you can come into balance and right relationship with Mother Earth/Nature.
  6. Say thank you for all that have been given to you to sustain your life and your body and your Soul here on earth.


Below is a link to the audio/video of these events.

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