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Shamanic Healing 

Healing Services, Classes, Workshops & The Shamanic Medicine Wheel: A Transformative Journey

Shamanic Healing:

  1. Soul Reading
  2. Chakra Illumination: Soul Healing
  3. Shamanic Counseling
  4. Soul Retrieval
  5. Personal Energy/Chakra Clearing & Cleansing
  6. House, Space, & Land Energy Clearing & Cleansing
  7. Power Animal Retrieval
  8. Destiny Retrieval
  9. Shamanic Journey Training
  10. Peruvian Cross-Cultural Medicine Wheel Shamanic Practitioner Training Program
  11. Advanced Cross-Cultural Shamanic Medicine Wheel Journey
  12. Classes & Workshops

Please Scroll down for details on each service and to schedule a session.

Is Shamanic Healing right for me?

1. Do you have difficulty sustaining or getting over relationships?

2. Have you suffered from an illness, accident, or bereavement that has left you feeling different and perhaps not as you used to or as your old self felt?

3. Do you try and fill that empty feeling inside with substance, addictions, or material things?

4. Do you take up new hobbies, interests, and/or projects and find they don’t sustain an interest for you or that they never build into anything and so you abandon them?

5. Do you wish you had more control in your life or relationship?

6. Do you suffer with depression, or feel overwhelmed by stress, or feel pulled down by negative thinking?

7. Do you carry a sense of detachment from yourself or at times from those around you?

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is man’s first attempt to make sense of the world and our place in it and to come into relationship with nature and the inherent consciousness sensed all around from rocks to animals. Shamanism is a means to communicate with the world of both the seen and the unseen. Shamanism has been practiced by humans continually for over 40,000 years.

Is Shamanism a Religion?

Shamanism is not a religion. It requires no belief or adherence to any particular dogma. Shamanism is a practice that relates to all things at the level of Spirit, which in modern times is sometimes referred to as energy. It is an experiential practice. Shamanism involves a practitioner reaching an altered state of consciousness in order to encounter and interact with the spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world for the help and healing of individuals. A shaman practitioner is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of non tangible beings for ritual, divination, and healing.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic practice has been around for more than 40,000 years. In our modern world we are seeing a substantial emergence of Shamanic practice and practitioners. These ancient cultures understood what our modern culture has forgotten: there is more to healing than just our physical bodies.

People are longing to connect with something deeper inside of themselves that strengthens, soothes, and brings meaningful and enduring transformation to one’s mind body and soul. Shamanism is not about religion, but has been practiced by the cultures of most religions of the world.

In Shamanic Practice the goal is to bring you into a more solid sense of wholeness and inner connectedness. Symptoms such as stress, disconnection from feelings, dysfunctional patterns, poor boundaries, lack of self value, feeling depleted, struggles with inner sadness, lack of energy, and not feeling present in our bodies are some of the symptoms that a Shamanic Healing session can assist in alleviating.

How does Shamanic Healing Work?

Shamanic healing works at an energetic or soul level. It is in this space that imprints left by hurts, shocks, accidents, traumas that internal patterns are able to be cleared, transformed, restored. Shamanic work also offers opportunities for regaining and restoring one’s essential energy  as well as repairing the relationship to self. As a result of this work we have the opportunity to reestablish our connection to the natural world and experience the interconnectedness we all yearn to share with others, with ourselves and with the environment.

Owl Medicine

Shamanic Healing & Educational Services:

1. Soul Reading
2. Chakra Illumination: Soul Healing
3. Shamanic Counseling
4. Soul Retrieval
5. Personal Energy/Chakra Clearing & Cleansing
6. House, Space, & Land Energy Clearing & Cleansing
7. Power Animal Retrieval
8. Destiny Retrieval
9. Shamanic Journey Training
10. Peruvian Cross-Cultural Medicine Wheel Shamanic Practitioner Training Program                                                                                                                                                                     
11. Advanced Cross-Cultural Shamanic Medicine Wheel Journey                                                                                                                                                                                                                  12. Classes & Workshops

Please Scroll down for details on each service and to schedule a session.

1. Soul Reading

A Soul Reading involves the Shamanic Practitioner interacting with spirit guides for insight into a specific dynamic, concern, or relationship,  for the individual receiving a soul reading. They generally begin with an overview assessment of karmic patterns and the current point in manifesting life purpose. Targeted insight may include life purpose, health concerns, relationship dynamics, career opportunities, meeting spirit guides, learning spiritual gifts, messages from deceased loved ones, and more. Soul Readings are done in-person and remotely. Contact Gwendolyn to verify that a Soul Reading is the best approach to fulfill your current spiritual needs.


2. Chakra Illumination: Soul Healing

This energy clearing and healing technique is a Peruvian Shamanic technique and will deeply clear energetic patterns in your auric field and balance you; making room for the new and releasing the old that no longer serves you. This session includes chakra illumination & clearing where the old energetic patterns are cleared; making room for the new, soul retrieval (past life & current life), cord cutting, auric field clearing and power animal retrieval.


3. Shamanic Counseling

Shamanic Counseling is a technique for accessing your heart’s wisdom. This technique is based on the classic “journey” practiced by shamans in traditional cultures all over the world for thousands of years. The journey is a door into non-ordinary reality where the practitioner shifts consciousness to a dream-like state and meets with helping spirits in the form of power animals and teachers. These spirit allies provide healing and guidance in a form that is uniquely suited for each individual. Gwendolyn works one-on-one with you and Spirit to connect you with a deeper sense of yourself, your life purpose, and your soul.

$80.00 (1.5 hour Session)

4. Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval refers to the shamanic practice that aims to reintegrate various interpretations of the soul that might have become disconnected, trapped or lost through an accident, loss or trauma. The emphasis of Soul retrieval is on restoring wholeness to the individual. Soul parts that left decades ago finally find their way home. The shamanic practitioner assists the individual to call these lost parts home again through guidance and connection to higher wisdom, guides, and Divine deities. This session is an in-depth soul retrieval and may require two sessions. This is included in the price below.


5. Personal Energy/Chakra Clearing & Cleansing

This is a process of clearing your personal energy field.

$80.00 (a one-on-one session)


6. House, Space, & Land Energy Clearing & Cleansing

$180.00 (basic house/land/office clearing)

Gwendolyn and Winnie on road painting

7. Power Animal Retrieval

Each of us has a power animal that is a guide or teacher in our lives. This service offers an opportunity to discover your personal power animal and begin to develop a connection with this guiding force in your life.

$80.00 (Includes Two Sessions)

8. Destiny Retrieval

This is a deeply empowering retrieval. Your shamanic practitioner will vision for you in journey three destiny lines. This journey is associated with the time to come and is a deeply empowering experience for individuals. This is a journey that will show you your purposeful possibilities that can guide you to a rich and meaningful life. It is an experience to align with your soul’s purpose. It is an experience that assists you in transforming your limiting beliefs that hold you back from your destiny. This experience moves your from  your fated, human life and connects you to your soul’s purpose and why you chose to come into incarnation in this life at this time and gives you a road map that enables you to move into your destiny!



9. Shamanic Journey Training

This is an opportunity to learn the art of Shamanic Journeying with the goal of building a connection with your internal wisdom in connection with your guides and power animals and Spirit teachers. It is in the shamanic journey that you experience your own personal connection with your higher self, soul self, angels, guides, nature beings, animals, and deities that are there specifically for you and your journey to recognizing your own Divine wholeness.

$125.00 (Two Hour Sessions

To schedule a phone or in person appointment or to sign up for a training, workshop or class please call or email: Most services are available in person and via phone.                               Phone: 508-560-6891             Email:

10. Peruvian Cross-Cultural Shamanic Medicine Wheel Program

The Shamanic Medicine Wheel program is an inner journey of healing, awakening and transformation. It is a spiral path that has no beginning and no ending. It aligns with the four directions on the Medicine Wheel and is held by the sacred energies of the Upper World (Creator Energy) and the Lower World (Mother Earth). This path and training is an experience of remembering our true nature, of our growing into our maturity, our true adulthood and ultimately and resultantly, of opening and awakening to who we really are and our true destinies. It is a journey that asks us to participate with our heart and to call our courage to the task.

As souls we come to Mother Earth, to this physical realm, and we intentionally forget who we are and the purpose and destiny we have chosen for our earth life. We live behind a veil of forgetting in order to evolve here in this physical and ordinary reality. As our life unfolds as a human being our experiences accrue and most of us become attached to our stories, experiences, patterning and conditionings and we identify ourselves through these. These beliefs, these reflective neuropathways that have been created in the brain as a result operate subconsciously, and sometimes consciously, and weave together like a tapestry that influences and defines how we perceive our reality and who we are.

In this Medicine Wheel Shamanic Practitioner Training Program we begin by becoming conscious of our identification of those influences that do not support our joys, our true self, our aliveness and our sense of personal empowerment. We begin by releasing, shifting and transforming beliefs that no longer serve us. We transform our perceptions and clear our luminous energy field of the patterns of beliefs that began in this life and past lives. In this process we experience transformation and healing and gain a more authentic sense of self and wholeness.

In the process of this journey on the Medicine Wheel we begin to remember and reconnect to our highest destiny. As we open our heart and experience a deeper way and our true self and Source we heal and step into wholeness. As we become more whole and authentic through this process we become deeply connected with Spirit/spirit. We organically begin to perceive those realms of Love and Light that are non-ordinary and those spiritual helpers who have come to guide, connect and be in relationship with us spiritually as we travel the medicine wheel and beyond.

For some this ability has always been with them and perhaps have not understood or not found direction or application for in their lives or experiences. In this program you will learn shamanic skills for focusing your intuitive skills that will allow you to focus, apply and track energy for yourself and clients. You will discover impeccability and integrity at a higher level as a result of your transpersonal intentional work in this course.

As you connect energetically with those in the spirit who are your guides and allies, in the worlds of non-ordinary reality, you will discover and feel their love, support, teachings and way showing from those invisible realms that are outside of time and space.

During this training you will receive powerful energy transmissions that are known and the Munay-Ki Rites which re-informs and activate our DNA and our luminous energy field (our light body). As our own luminous energy field frequency rises in vibration we become more open to see, hear, and perceive wisdom from Spirit that are direct divinations to you.

All of this prepares us for what comes next on this path. Now you are ready to move beyond the context of personal healing and grow into being of service for the greatest good of others and for yourself. It prepares you to step into your highest destiny. When we come from a place of humility, respect and gratitude for all of life then we are ready, willing and committed to step up as caretakers and stewards of the world around us. This is the power that connects us directly to the source of creation and can only be held by those who have taken the journey!

At this time in history there is a great awakening of consciousness on planet earth. Your journey on the Medicine Wheel helps all to heal, awaken, and to step into our collective destiny!

This shamanic practitioner training unfolds over the course of one year. The program is comprised of 8 Pre-training, individually completed assignments at home and four weekend intensives that are both experiential and hands on work that encompasses inner healing, insight and technique acquisition as the training moves through the medicine wheel.

Costs & Payment for:

1. Peruvian Cross- Cultural Shamanic Medicine Wheel Program
2. Accommodations
3. The Eight Email Pre-Assignment Program

1. Peruvian Cross-Cultural Shamanic Medicine Wheel Program

The cost of the Medicine Wheel Journey is $500 per weekend, adding up to a total cost of $2,000.00 for the complete training.

2. Accommodations

The cost for accommodations is $125.00 per weekend and the total cost for all four weekends for accommodations is $500.00.

3. The Eight Email Pre-Assignment Program

The total cost for the eight Email Course Pre-Assignments is $240.00.

Payment Options Peruvian Cross-Cultural Shamanic Medicine Wheel Program

There are payment options for each. Please select the appropriate PayPal button below:

Complete Training – 1 payment of $2,000

Four Individual Payments per Weekend – 1 payment of $500 each weekend

12 Payments of $167.00

Shamanic Spirituality: Gaining the Foundations of Shamanic Personal Practice

Shamanic Spirituality: Foundations of Personal Practice focuses on journeying, basic foundation skills in shamanism, connection to your spirit family (power animal, spirit helping animals, guides, archetypes etc.) and experience traversing the three Worlds in non-ordinary reality. This is an individually guided program through a series of 8 assignments. It is individually paced to meet your needs both personally, developmentally through the process and your scheduling parameters and needs. Through phone and email we work together as practitioner/guide and student.

Payment Options

You can choose to pay weekly, or pay the total sum in a one-off payment. Please choose the appropriate PayPal button below:

A One-Time Payment of $240.00

Eight Individual Payments of $30.00

Note that cash, money orders and checks are also usable payment methods. We do not accept credit cards other than PayPal.


The Advanced Cross-Cultural Shamanic Medicine Wheel Journey

with Gwendolyn C. Natusch, M.Ed., MSW

This Advanced Shamanic Medicine Wheel takes the trained shamanic individual or practitioner to the next level in their connection with spirit and to deeper depths of healing with clients. In this experience, based on the foundation of the Peruvian teachings of the Laika and Alberto Villoldo, the shamanic practitioner works from this place and adds new techniques and skills and journey work to broaden and strengthen their individual healing work as well as work with clients.
 The Heart of the Matter
This Advanced Shamanic Medicine Wheel takes the trained shamanic individual or practitioner to the next level in their connection with spirit and to deeper depths of healing with clients. In this experience, based on the foundation of the Peruvian teachings of the Laika and Alberto Villoldo, the shamanic practitioner works from this place and adds new techniques and skills and journey work to broaden and strengthen their individual healing work as well as work with clients. More information will be offered in our January newsletter and in individual promotions.
In this advanced shamanic medicine wheel experience participants will be offered the heart of the matter in shamanism: A strongly developed connection with Spirit! In this year along program, you will develop your relationship and connection with Spirit, your spirit family and other spiritual allies who assist you in your own healing and the healing and transformation of your clients.
Each participant will develop conscious awareness of Spirit and the invisible realm, broaden and hone your intuitive abilities, and open your eyes to both the seen and unseen worlds while walking with Spirit consciously in every moment. You will live the shamanic way of having a foot in both worlds.
Everything you will learn and all of the techniques that will be presented during this experience are in service to this aim. This is, in my heart, the true essence of an advanced shamanic medicine Wheel journey. The ability of the practitioner to become the hollow bone for Spirit in order to bring spiritual and Spirit’s healing to yourself and to those you provide shamanic healing services for.
Be prepared to strap on your journey hat and shoes and begin an adventure on the energetic level with Spirit.
Each participant will, throughout the journey around the Medicine Wheel, build many spiritual, pointedly directed experiences that will familiarize you with your corners of the spiritual realm and the spirits that meet you there for your growth, insight, healing and expansion of thought and perspective. You will learn to skillfully and confidently walk into the spiritual realm with spiritual allies that are for you, love you and will teach you. This is where you have access to everything with guides to assist you in helping others from a place of love, ethical choices and compassion!
The Four Directions & What You Will Experience
The South on the Medicine Wheel
In the South Direction on the Medicine Wheel you will connect with Mother Earth and the archetypes of this direction. You will meet the Spirit of the Southern Wind and journey to meet the Spirit of the South. You will come into relationship with the element of Earth. Participants will work with the 7th Direction on the wheel, which is yourself at the center of the Medicine Wheel. In the South you begin to create your own Medicine Wheel art piece, creating a symbolic art work of your spiritual world, connections, values and teachings. Introductions and development of your Spirit Team and your Shaman teacher are the core pieces of the South. You will learn of Shamanic Empowerment. Participants will be offered healing techniques and healing opportunities in this first weekend. And more…
The West on the Medicine Wheel
In the west you will come into relationship with the element of water. We will focus intently on the practice of mediumship and psychopomp. Together we will learn new healing techniques and become familiar with the Four Practices of the West. You will meet the Spirit of the West and much more! In the West you are invited to flow like water in your Soul, in your experience and in your healing practice. Water will move you into a new more fluid practice of healing, seeing and being. In the West you will meet the universe in a new way; through the magic of flow and through the wonder of Spirit and the joy of the transformation your guides will move your through!
The North on the Medicine Wheel
In the North you will experience the Shaman’s Circle, Divination through Journey work, and how to Divine from Nature for healing and insight for yourself and for clients. You will learn a new Soul Retrieval way and be introduced to connecting with Power Places in nature. You will walk the medicine wheel with intention to find wisdom, healing and insight. You will leave the North experience feeling differently about yourself as a shaman and walking in a more empowered way. In the North you step into the shoes of the Shaman, the teacher, the healer and the leader in a deeper way.
The East on the Medicine Wheel
In the East on the Shamanic Medicine Wheel we return to the practice of balance and the middle way. We are given the key to our destiny and begin to walk in action and manifestation of that destiny in the here and now. We bring heaven onto earth through our highest aspirations and physical manifestation of them.
We create our beautiful dreams in the form of a workshop or circle activity and share it with others. We gain experience as the Shaman teacher and healer through what you are passionate about and want to share with the world in partnership with Spirit.
In this direction you become the teaching shamans who teaches each other and students who arrive to discover their own wisdom through your stories, teachings and offered experiences so they too become empowered on their own path towards or onto their destiny path!
In the East you are given the key to your destiny and have taken a powerful step onto the path of your journey as a shaman healer.
The East is calling you to your destiny in action and manifestation!
Location: Zoom
April 15 – 17, 2022
Friday through Sunday
9am – 5pm
July 15 – 17, 2022
Friday through Sunday
9am – 5pm
October 14 – 16, 2022
Friday through Sunday
9am – 5pm
December 16 – 18, 2022
Friday through Sunday
9am – 5pm
Cost: $240.00 per weekend
Total Cost for the whole program is $960.00
Contact Information
If you are interested in participating in this shamanic training program or for more information, please email Gwendolyn C. Natusch at or call 508-560-6891.
The Center for Personal Evolution &
Owl Medicine: A Shamanic Healing Path
Gwendolyn C. Natusch, M.Ed., MSW

10. Classes & Workshops

Shamanic Journey Circle Monthly Gathering

Monthly Owl Medicine’s community gathers for journeying & sharing! Check the calendar for times and dates!

Shamanic Spirituality as a Personal Practice

This is a workshop is offered throughout the year. There is a Part I & a Part II which runs consecutively. Please check our calendar for the next workshop offering.

Your Shamanic Practitioner

Gwendolyn C. Natusch, B.S.Ed., M.Ed., MSW

Gwendolyn began her training in shamanic healing in 1989 with one of the earlier groups of practitioner trainees under the tutelage of Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She worked under the training of these instructors for four years. This group deepened their skills and tools in this field of healing together on Martha’s Vineyard.

Gwendolyn also worked with shaman Foster Perry of Golden Hummingbird Medicine for over 12 years as a means for personal transformation and experiential learning of the healing methodology used in shamanism. She has studied Peruvian Shamanism with Chris Krohn and Siberian Shamanism with Steve Serr.

Gwendolyn has a Master’s in Education as well as in Social Work and has been a middle school and high school special education teacher for over two decades working with students challenged by mild to moderate learning disabilities and students struggling through emotional and behavioral disorders. Her teaching has also brought her into the realm of the arts and theatre and she has been an art and theatre instructor for all ages. She is kind, present, and has found a calling deep within her to this work. Her connection to Spirit and spirit helpers are near, dear, and empowered to bring each of her clients an experience of healing that can profoundly impact their process of transformation and their journey to wholeness.

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