Intuition Insight for January 2019: A Three Card Reading of the Culmination of Past, Present & Future

Intuition Insight for January 2019: A Three Card Reading of the Culmination of Past, Present & Future

Intuition Insight for January 2019:

A Three Card Reading of the culmination of Past, Present & Future 

~Gwendolyn C. Natusch, M.Ed., MSW

Intention for a General Reading for All:
Share information on the Joys, Challenges & Inspirations for January 2019

Card One: Past
Eagle: Communion
In this card you see man and Eagle make connection through their eyes and spirits. The man has performed a ceremony calling to the Eagle who comes as a spirit helper and guide. This is an intimate and spiritual relationship between man and animal; this feathered being in the sky. Together, connected, they recognize the sacred bond of experience between them and in this there is a validation of right relationship between them.
When we experience a heartfelt connection or communion with some physical expression of life, plant, animal, human, guide etc. we sense and know the sameness of one living being to another no matter what the physical or non-physical form. This essence of sameness is an experience of Spirit, Source, Creator emanating from you, from the animals, from the plants, aye, from everything!

Insight: We begin January with a sense of this deeper connection to all that is and our own stance of being in deeper relationship with Source, Mother Earth and her living beings and plants. Perhaps this way of having one foot in your earthly awareness and one foot in your spiritual awareness is a new dawning way for some of you. Or maybe for others you are now making a deeper commitment and connection to this way of being in relationship and communion with the earth, animals, plants, Creator and spiritual beings who are here to love and support you on your journey. It is with this awareness of our connection and relationship to Spirit and Mother Earth that we step into 2019. With this ability, awareness and working relationship with Spirit in place and available in our spiritual tool kit, we begin our journey of 2019.

What a joyful task for January; the deepening of our relationship with Nature, our spiritual guides, angels, and archetypes which brings insight, inspiration and healing!

Card Two: Present
Ocean: Ebb & Flow
Life ebbs and flows like the tides and the rocking waves of the ocean. The seas, oceans and bays have their own rhythms in endless and varied patterns which have been in motion for eons and will continue far into the future. There is relative predictability in these rhythms and patterns unless nature intervenes. Hurricanes, storms, earthquakes effect the tides and the waves which temporarily shifts the dependable and rhythmic motion of our large bodies of water on earth.
Water is a symbol or representative of emotion and humans feel the impact of the tidal shifts and storms via moods and emotions. This interacting, observing and sensing the ebb and flow of earth’s waters is an experience and teaching from the ocean and Mother Earth for us. A teaching about the emotions; the waters, within us.
The ebb and flow of emotions in our lives is part of life and learning to balance and temper them truly is an art and a practice throughout our lives. It is the process of learning to join the fluidity of emotional expression and not be captured by them. Moods and emotions ebb and flow just like the tide, just like the storm that comes and goes. Emotions are simply feelings and fighting your own feelings by denying your hurt, anger or sorrow is disallowing them from coming up and out to shift, change, offer insight, or to heal. This is the true lesson which brings us opportunity for inner transformation that allows us to no longer be prisoners of the storms of emotions within us. Or to be bound by the tears unshed within us.
By choosing to be aware in the present moment we become aware of their inner experience and reactions to people, places, things and events. It is all about simply noticing. Noticing our inner dialogue, our feelings that come up and responding to them in a way that offers a seeing of one’s self. Here in this witness place we become available to heal and in healing we shift our stance and step into responder to experiences instead of reactors.

Insight: Our emotions come and go. When they come and we allow them to emerge there is often a gift, an insight, or a release at the very end of the feeling. Allowing ourselves to be in awareness of our inner experience and giving ourselves time to feel and experience our feelings, and to honor them in private or with the help of another, frees us in many ways and offers a road that leads to inner wholeness and completion of long held issues, hurts and/or sorrows. Allow yourself to experience the many variations of emotions that live inside you as a means to become familiar with your own inner landscape and to shift, release and heal them.

There is always a present when we bring our awareness to the present! Be it difficult or lovely it will ultimately bring you transformed, inspired and authentic expression. 


Card Three: Future
Love: Compassion
The heart chakra is connected to Love and the Compassionate heart. It is time now, this January, to begin to offer this Love and Compassion to yourself. For in knowing and experiencing Love and Compassion for yourself you can truly offer this to the world.
The world is a experiential teacher and earth is a temporal, physical experience. Here on earth Souls can explore through experiences of lightness and heaviness. We develop strength and joy from the light experiences and sorrow, fear and hurt often, from the heavy experiences. All of our experiences are imprinted on our inner world. The light experiences produce joy, love, empowerment, strength etc. The heavier experiences often bring limitations, are easily tweaked and are often comprised of wounds and unexpressed sorrow. Moving through the inner emotional landscape one discovers there are particular unhealed places; those old hurts with the old stories still inflamed and unaddressed. It is these places within us that call for the balm of Love and the safety of Compassion.

Insight: The Self loving the self is a process of visiting those hidden and hurtful places and it is challenging work. Sometimes we are afraid to visit these shadowlands, but with the assistance of our guides in our meditation/journey work, healing work with energy and body practitioners we face the challenge with self Compassion and self Love and find these darker places within us illuminated!

This January offer yourself and those wounded parts of your inner world the balm of Love and the easing of the heart with the employment of self-compassion. With these your emotional challenges can be transformed!

*The Cards are from Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer. The translation of the card meanings is influenced by Farmer but furthered by inspired thought.


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