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Art & Soul classes and workshops are focused on personal and spiritual exploration through meditation, art, writing, and dialogue. These classes are a wonderful way to build a deeper relationship with yourself, express your inner worlds, and to begin (or continue) a wonderful interaction with the free, creative, and interior you. The aim of these classes and workshops are personal growth, development of a more authentic expression, manifestation of inner dreams and desires, and to create a more solid core sense of yourself. Plus, it is fun to participate in expressive experiences such as this with others who build community around you during this experience. These workshops are put together with varied art materials and in a cozy, safe environment for you to really let go and be in the experience. Note that these classes and workshops meet in different formats. Some happen in one class and others in multiple classes or meetings.

Circle Mandalas: Discover the Language of Your Soul


Learn an expressive and meditative way to connect with your interior world to become connected to your inner Divine, spiritual guidance and wisdom as a means to understand yourself, shift perspectives, and calm your body and mind. It is a mindful meditation that is active and expressive. This is a tool that will stay with you for a very long time and bring you insight while assisting you in building an intimate relationship with yourself. You will fall in love with this process to be sure!

Class Time: 10:00am to Noon
Dates: Sunday May 6th, 2018
Cost: $35.00 (includes all needed art supplies)

Transformational Self-Portraiting

“Be Creative. Feed Your Soul. Love Your Life.”


“See Yourself with New Eyes”

This class feeds the soul in such wonderful ways! Through the use of art, dialogue, writing and sharing participants in this class will create a piece art on canvas or paper that expresses their life, self, soul, and experience of their life.

Varied art materials will be available so that there are as few limits in this exploration where color, shape, hue, and symbols speak their own unique language that only you truly understand. This workshop is an opportunity to have an amazing dialogue with your inner and outer self and to blend them together in this expressive conversation.

Through this experience new perspectives can be stepped into and a deeper relationship with yourself unfolds. The potential to free yourself from old beliefs and embrace those wondrous, tender parts of yourself brings new freedoms and self empowerment. Come and join the dialogue! This class runs in four sessions.

“No one can make the images you make. This is the trueness of art. Each shape, line, symbol, and color choice is your unique expression and speaks intimately to you. This is the soul of creativity. This is the nature of authenticity. Do not be hesitant to pick up the brush or the pencil or the crayon and let it speak in your voice, for it has whisperings to share with you that will astound you.” ~ Gwendolyn

Class Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Dates: Sunday June 2018 (exact date coming soon)
Cost: $35.00 (includes all needed art supplies)

Meeting Your Muse: Discovering & Exploring Your Artistic Self

Through meditation, discovery activities and creating an art piece you will meet your muse and discover the artist within you!

Class Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Dates: July 2018 (exact date coming soon)
Cost: $35.00 (includes all needed art supplies)

Making Magic: Empowering Your Mythos

We each are on a mythic journey. Each of us have living stories within us. Here, through art, meditation, and discovery activities you can discover the magic in your myths!

Class Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Dates: August 2018 (exact date coming soon)
Cost: $35.00 (includes all needed art supplies)

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Art & Words

In this class participants will experience guided meditation and meet their spiritual teacher and Divine inner guidance. The wisdom learned will then be added to an expressive piece created by each individual that incorporates the message received and is completed with images, colors, words, symbols or other meaningful pieces. Each class member will have a completed art piece with message from their spiritual teacher or guide to take home with them.

Class Time: 1:00 to 4:00pm
Dates: September 2018 (exact date coming soon)
Cost: $35.00 (includes all needed art supplies)

Your Mythic Journey Workshop

 A Three Day Weekend Workshop

Have you reached a plateau in your personal growth journey?
If so then this workshop is for you!

In this workshop story and art bring a new perspective to the story you carry within you; the very story that informs your inner reflection and experience of your daily life.

When you take this workshop you will be invited to create your story through art, meditation, guided imagery, and dialogue.

Participants create their stories through the use of varied art materials, photographs, poetry, collage and more. The art piece you create in this workshop then becomes uniquely your own. Through dialogue, writing, guided imagery, meditation and art workshop participants will re-tell, reflect, and newly respond to their internal life script and by doing so draw a larger sense of themselves and their life story.

This workshop is an experiential exploration of one’s inner self and landscape and through the use of art allows for new perspectives to emerge and the beginnings of reinvention.

“Art is the language of the soul and this workshop offers you the opportunity to learn this inner language.”

Art is a means to explore your experienced without using the brain through words, but instead employs your rich imagery that bubbles up from inside of you during the unfolding of this workshop. One need not be an artist, but only a willing participant to be courageous enough to allow for an authentic expression using fun and inspiring materials.

At the end of the workshop each participant will take home their own unique and beautiful wall hanging.

Class Workshop Formats:

  1. An 8 to 12 week program format that meets once a week.
  2. Three Day Workshop Experience:

Friday 7:00pm until 9:00pm
Saturday 10 am to 5:30pm and & 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Sunday 10am to 1:30pm
Cost of the Workshop: $120.00

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