Peruvian Cross-Cultural Shamanic Medicine Wheel Program: A Transformative Journey

Peruvian Cross-Cultural Shamanic Medicine Wheel Program: A Transformative Journey

with Gwendolyn C. Natusch, Shamanic Practitioner

The Shamanic Medicine Wheel program is an inner journey of healing, awakening and transformation. It is a spiral path that has no beginning and no ending. It aligns with the four directions on the Medicine Wheel and is held by the sacred energies of the Upper World (Creator Energy) and the Lower World (Mother Earth). This path and training is an experience of remembering our true nature, of our growing into our maturity, our true adulthood and ultimately and resultantly, of opening and awakening to who we really are and our true destinies. It is a journey that asks us to participate with our heart and to call our courage to the task.

As souls we come to Mother Earth, to this physical realm, and we intentionally forget who we are and the purpose and destiny we have chosen for our earth life. We live behind a veil of forgetting in order to evolve here in this physical and ordinary reality. As our life unfolds as a human being our experiences accrue and most of us become attached to our stories, experiences, patterning and conditionings and we identify ourselves through these. These beliefs, these reflective neuropathways that have been created in the brain as a result operate subconsciously, and sometimes consciously, and weave together like a tapestry that influences and defines how we perceive our reality and who we are.

In this Medicine Wheel Shamanic Practitioner Training Program we begin by becoming conscious of our identification of those influences that do not support our joys, our true self, our aliveness and our sense of personal empowerment. We begin by releasing, shifting and transforming beliefs that no longer serve us. We transform our perceptions and clear our luminous energy field of the patterns of beliefs that began in this life and past lives. In this process we experience transformation and healing and gain a more authentic sense of self and wholeness.

In the process of this journey on the Medicine Wheel we begin to remember and reconnect to our highest destiny. As we open our heart and experience a deeper way and our true self and Source we heal and step into wholeness. As we become more whole and authentic through this process we become deeply connected with Spirit/spirit. We organically begin to perceive those realms of Love and Light that are non-ordinary and those spiritual helpers who have come to guide, connect and be in relationship with us spiritually as we travel the medicine wheel and beyond.

For some this ability has always been with them and perhaps have not understood or not found direction or application for in their lives or experiences. In this program you will learn shamanic skills for focusing your intuitive skills that will allow you to focus, apply and track energy for yourself and clients. You will discover impeccability and integrity at a higher level as a result of your transpersonal intentional work in this course.

As you connect energetically with those in the spirit who are your guides and allies, in the worlds of non-ordinary reality, you will discover and feel their love, support, teachings and way showing from those invisible realms that are outside of time and space.

During this training you will receive powerful energy transmissions that are known and the Munay-Ki Rites which re-informs and activate our DNA and our luminous energy field (our light body). As our own luminous energy field frequency rises in vibration we become more open to see, hear, and perceive wisdom from Spirit that are direct divinations to you.

All of this prepares us for what comes next on this path. Now you are ready to move beyond the context of personal healing and grow into being of service for the greatest good of others and for yourself. It prepares you to step into your highest destiny. When we come from a place of humility, respect and gratitude for all of life then we are ready, willing and committed to step up as caretakers and stewards of the world around us. This is the power that connects us directly to the source of creation and can only be held by those who have taken the journey!

At this time in history there is a great awakening of consciousness on planet earth. Your journey on the Medicine Wheel helps all to heal, awaken, and to step into our collective destiny!

This shamanic practitioner training unfolds over the course of one year. The program is comprised of 8 Pre-training, individually completed assignments at home and four weekend intensives that are both experiential and hands on work that encompasses inner healing, insight and technique acquisition as the training moves through the medicine wheel.

Come & Experience this transformative journey and be changed, lighter, and walking your destiny path!

Medicine Wheel Retreat House Location: Edenton, North Carolina


2019 Medicine Wheel Dates:

One-year Medicine Wheel Program over the course of four weekends.

Weekend One: January 17 – 20, 2019

Weekend Two: April 18 – 21, 2019

Weekend Three: July 18 – 21, 2019

Weekend four: October 17 – 20, 2019


Costs & Payment for:

1. Peruvian Cross- Cultural Shamanic Medicine Wheel Program
2. Accommodations
3. The Eight Email Pre-Assignment Program

1. Peruvian Cross-Cultural Shamanic Medicine Wheel Program

The cost of the Medicine Wheel Journey is $500 per weekend, adding up to a total cost of $2,000.00 for the complete training.

2. Accommodations

The cost for accommodations is $125.00 per weekend and the total cost for all four weekends for accommodations is $500.00.

3. The Eight Email Pre-Assignment Program

The total cost for the eight Email Course Pre-Assignments is $240.00.


Payment Options Peruvian Cross-Cultural Shamanic Medicine Wheel Program

There are payment options for each. Please select the appropriate PayPal button below:

Complete Training – 1 payment of $2,000

Four Individual Payments per Weekend – 1 payment of $500 each weekend

12 Payments of $167.00


Pre-Medicine Wheel Program Email Course Assignments

Preparation Work for the Medicine Wheel Training that focuses on journeying, basic foundation skills, connection to your spirit family (power animal, spirit helping animals, guides, archetypes etc.) and experience traversing the Lower and Upper Worlds. This is an individually guided program through a series of assignments over the course of 8 weeks.

You can choose to pay weekly, or pay the total sum in a one-off payment. Please choose the appropriate PayPal button below:

A One-Time Payment of $240.00

Individually Paced – 8 payments of $30.00

Note that cash, money orders and checks are also useable payment methods. We do not accept credit cards.