The Coronation Initiation of the World

The Coronation Initiation of the World

Our world now is defined and held within the invisible walls of Coronavirus. We have become a nation ruled under the demands of Coronavirus. The Coronavirus initiates a new world.

We are now a Corona Nation.

What in the world is this all about?

Well, let’s look a little deeper…

Let’s begin by looking at the meanings of two words:

Coronation and Initiation.

What is a coronation?

The ceremony of crowning a king, queen, or other sovereign to become a supreme ruler.

What is Initiation?

From a spiritual frame work initiation means to begin a process. Initiation sets forces in motion to bring about a metamorphosis; a transformation that invites you on a spiritual journey.

After the initiation the initiate is then supported by energies of a spiritual nature that supports him or her to be in alignment with their highest and best good that will lead him or her to live out their purpose, destiny or higher calling here on earth.

Corona in Spanish means crown.

Are we initiates being crowned to usher in a new world, a new paradigm, a new mythos? A higher story of man and earth? Are the circumstances of the coronavirus forcing us to look at our state of affairs both in the world and within ourselves? Are we being asked to put on a crown and become sovereigns on earth in a new way?

I believe that we are being initiated and coronated to be stewards of the earth in a new way, and to be the creators of a new mythos that will transform the world through each of us individually.

We are being given the crown of stewardship in order to wear the title of stewards of earth in a way that comes from the heart and from a higher dream about ourselves, each other, nature and the world.

It is time to dream a new dream for ourselves and for the world.

For many years we have spoken about how the world a new mythos, a new paradigm because the old one has been grown out of. It is too small for us and I believe we are longing for a more expansive story that calls us higher.

The beginning task of following that higher calling is dismantling the old mythos, those outworn limiting stories that no longer serve us and letting them go in order to dream a new dream and write a new myth.

Every nation and every man and woman requires a story, or many stories, that informs, inspires and calls them higher. These stories form a national narrative or a personal narrative that puts in motion a nation’s or individual’s origins, values, dreams, purpose and regard for others. These stories are a self-defining mythos that says something about the character of a person or the character of a nation; about its people and how they operate in a larger world and amongst each other and with nature. The strength in these stories lies in the shaping of empowerment and illuminates aspects of character that embodies ideals that impact individual and collective behavior. Story is powerful.

Let’s recall the story in our history of the journey of the Mayflower! The brave, passionate and rugged individuals coming to a new land with courage, a dream in their belly and hope bursting from their hearts. A stance like that can tackle any mountain; and they did! They became the seeds that would grow a powerful nation committed to high ideals, personal freedoms, inhalable rights, and the value of creating and living your dreams.

In the time of corona, we find ourselves on our own proverbial Mayflower and we have been initiated and crowned captains of the ship.

In fleets individuals who are waking up are arriving on the shores of a potential of a new world. A world that has at its core a new story, a new mythos that is being dreamed through our own becoming of a higher idea of who we are and how we want to express ourselves and manifest that in our lives and in the world.

We are being called to embark on our own Mayflower ship and become residents of a crowned nation, the corona nation. We are the crowned captains; we are the dreamers and we are at the helm!

To shift the current running mythos that we are emerging from we must first dismantle it. We are being invited to discover how the mythos lives within us and become aware of the stories that have been outgrown and release them. We do not need to look outside ourselves to shift the story, we need only look within ourselves.

National and mainstream Mythos shifts can be changed on the outer stage of the world, at the macro level and they can also be changed on the inner stage of an individual’s heart, at the micro level. The macro expresses the micro and the micro expresses the macro. They are intrinsically connected.

We are being asked at this time to create a new story within us at the micro level and in doing so transform our inner stories that do not serve us and release them. New, healed and whole stories serve both the individual’s life and the collective and they become both the personal and the collective mythos.

How do we do we shift and transform our stories?

The invitation is to individually let go of our small, heavy stories so we can dream a new dream and become new characters in an unfolding and living mythos within us and in the world.

Coronavirus has corralled us into pausing, reflecting, finding what is truly valuable, being content with what you have right in front of you, to stop chasing time and sit in stillness and notice, reflect, complete experiences, feel, cry, laugh, to see nature again, to be in nature again, to love nature again and to remember who we are and become a new tale for ourselves and for the world.

The river’s bottom has been stirred up by the coronavirus and as a result we are sitting in our own inner debris. We can see pieces that have been hidden within us that are called now to be seen, brought into the Light and transformed into wholeness.

As a result of this inner work and restoration to wholeness our “enlightenment” becomes the medicine for the earth. We are the story tellers. We are the dream weavers. By writing our new tale, our tale of restoration and wholeness, we write the new mythos for ourselves which becomes the mythos of the world.

It’s spiritual alchemy! In order for the new myth to emerge in you, and in the world, we must dismantle the old story to make room for the new story, room for the new mythos to unfold. We must reflect, let go, clear and release those things that no longer serve us, keep us stuck, have made us hurt or lost in grief or unrealized. So we become new and are emptied out of the old in order to have space within us to embody a new inner world.

We then can dream and manifest our lives from a new place, a clear place. We have been crowned! Empowered! Sovereign as creators! It is time to create the world through our heart, our inner inspired and restored self, seeing with new eyes!

We are the ones the world has been waiting for. We are the ones, at this time and in this crowned nation, that the world has longed for. We are the dreamers of the new world arriving.

Today, we will be alchemists. We will be in ceremony in the company of our God, our guides, our Creator and with each other to respond to this initiation of kings and queens stepping into the shoes of earth keepers in stewardship of becoming a new tale for ourselves and for the world.


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