Shamanism & Energy

Shamanism & Energy

These days there is a lot of information floating around on the internet from various frameworks on energetic attachments. What I’ve noticed is that the varied presentations of this information seems to illicit fear in people. Over the last several months I have received many phone calls from individuals asking to understand what this all means and if I can help them.

Shamanism addresses this idea of attachments in many ways depending on the framework you are working with. There are core elements in every shamanic practice, however, the tools, methods of healing, and cultural aspects of their practice varies in many ways.

In the Peruvian framework, originating from the Laika shamans in the mountainous region of the Andes, it is believed that energies are either heavy or light. In this expression of energy there is no judgment. In this Peruvian shamanic framework we all walk the beauty way, which means that everything that comes into our experience is for the purpose and which moves us to stretch, heal and transform. For every experience, be it heavy or light, there is a treasure to be found. With this stance we can look at energy without fear and with nothing to defend.

There are indeed intrusive energies, attachments, crystalized energies and fluid energies that interact with us. The draw for them and the glue that keeps them with us or around us is referenced as having an affinity. You know that old expression: “like attracts like” and “birds of a feather flock together”.  Affinities are beliefs that we hold within ourselves about ourselves, about the world and about others that attracts others and energies to us that have similar beliefs.

There are different kinds of energies that we experience or interact with in our human lives. The energy of our ancestors who have gone home, archetypal energies such as angels, loving guides, spirit helping animals and power animals, archetypes and ancestral energies. There are also energies of those who have lived earthly lives who have chosen for their own reasons not to go into the light (home), there are energies in nature, thought energies, and the energy of our own beliefs contained in our luminous energy field (aka aura and other names).

When we heal our beliefs that are a result of our woundings we no longer attract like energies that have affinities to that belief. It is our beliefs, when shifted, change everything. Attachments that have clung to us naturally release because they no longer have that environment to remain. The affinity is no longer reflected back to them.

This is the basic truth about attachments. Many energies serve us beautifully and these are not attachments. Attachments actually need energy to remain. You may carry a loved one in your energy without realizing it and experience being tired, as if you are carrying a heavy load in your experience. You may be carrying crystalized energies within your luminous energy field. Crystalized energies are experiences that were traumatic from our past lives that we carry into our lives until we transform them.

There are also ancestral energies which travel from generation to generation in our DNA. These too can be healed as you heal the belief within you that is the belief carried by your family. In this choice to heal you make the choice to grow, heal, transform and evolve. When we transform and heal the ancestral energy within us we clear and transform it for the generations who came before us and those generations that will come after us.

When we heal and release these energies we evolve and heal by clearing away those beliefs that weighed us down, kept us living in fear, and blocked us from living our destiny as a soul here on earth.

Energetic attachments are released with love, technique and compassion. When we can see these energetic attachments as affinities, knowing that we can release them by transforming our beliefs, our affinities, then we begin to understand the real empowerment within us in regards to not only attachments, but in our lives.

Seeing a shamanic practitioner, from any framework, is a strong path to take in terms of healing, freeing yourself from beliefs and energies that no longer serve you and becoming light and clear so that you walk on the path of your heart’s desire, the path that your Soul desired for this life before you were born.

Shamanic practitioners work with energies of all kinds. They facilitate a process of releasing and empowering you! No fear is needed, only love!



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