Dream Renderings

Dream Renderings


What story does your dream have to tell?

Interpretations can be done by phone or in person. Scroll down for details and cost of your unique and deeply personal dream interpretation.

 Why have a dream interpretation?

With a dream interpretation you are able to learn about the deep and rich language of your soul, gain a deeper understanding of your life, receive clearer messages about your life purpose and how to shift to get more solidly on your purposeful life path.

Gain clear directions on your life path for growth, self enlightenment, and transformation!

This in-depth dream interpretation for $80.00 contains the meanings of images and symbols that tell your deeper story.

Why have a dream interpretation?

  • Learn about the language  of your soul
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your life
  • Receive clear messages about your life purpose
  • Gain insights on making healing steps forward
  • Get more purposefully on your life path more purposefully on your life path.
  • Gain clear directions on your life path for growth, self enlightenment, and transformation!

What is the process of having a dream interpretation done for me?

  1. Phone or in person meeting with Gwendolyn takes place to share your dream.
  2. Gwendolyn then studies your dream and gains an understanding of the symbols and metaphors within the context of your dream and identifies recurring themes, messages, and images.
  3. Gwendolyn’s intuitive abilities play a large role in connecting the puzzle pieces of your dream as she listens to what is coming from your deeper self. If you so choose. In this meeting your dream is discussed and questions answered.
  4. The culmination of this dream research is the pulling together of your dream story into a deeper spiritual depth for personal insight.
  5. You will receive a written document of your dream interpretation and my written interpretation culmination.
  6. After you have read and digest the written dream interpretation a phone call or face to face meeting takes place if you so choose. In this meeting your dream is discussed and questions answered.

“Dreams can tell us why we are acting the victim, the martyr, the neglected child, or other archetypal roles. More importantly, dreams can show us the remedy.”

Dreams show you your deeper story…

Dreams are therapeutic. Dreams are mental activities occurring during REM sleep. The act of dreaming is actually physical while the contents of our dreams are psychological. It is thought that everyone has dreams, whether they remember them or not. A dream takes you outside of the story of the life you have lived so far and unfolds for you your deeper story. Your dreams are calling to you for a reason as your heart wants to be heard and it is speaking to you through your dreams.

Dreams speak the language of your soul…

Dreams use the language of symbols and metaphor which address emotional and physical aspects of the dreamer’s life. Symbols in a dream are the images that are featured in dreams and point to the repressed or hidden aspects of the dreamer’s emotions and instincts which are stored in the unconscious mind.

Dreams ask to be understood  and tell your healing stories…

Dreams require a language that expresses emotions and deeper, broader meanings. Dreams unfold in images and metaphor. Metaphor is where one thing is spoken of as if it were something else. Metaphors expand meanings beyond words to incorporate emotions and deeper than surface meanings. In most cases we understand dreams by using metaphorical references and not literal interpretations if we are to fully understand the messages in a dream. For example when a dreamer dreams of a house this house is most often a representation of the dreamer’s self and their physical and spiritual condition.

How much does a dream interpretation cost?

(Includes two meetings and a personalized, researched and intuitively guided dream interpretation.)


Dream Interpretation Training is also available via email study program, phone or in person formats. Includes reading, practice assignments and coaching for skill acquisition.                                                              Cost for Dream Interpretation Training: $80.00

For Your Dream Interpretation or Training Call or  Email:
Phone: 508-560-6891
Email: centerforpersonalevolution@gmail.com

For More Information visit Website: dreamrenderings.blogspot.com

“The greatest gift that facilitating inner work can bring others is the opportunity for participants to explore and develop the opening and deepening of their roles as authentic artists and authors of their own lives. By looking within at their wise and higher selves they each enliven and strengthen their own unique heart connection to the universe.”
~ Gwendolyn Natusch

Dream Interpretation Ad

“The dream is a little hidden door in the inner most and secret recesses of the soul.”
~ Jung