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Future Events at The Center for Personal Evolution

The following is the vision for events to come in the next 6 to 18 months. They are included here so that they can begin to form & formulate! All are welcome to join these efforts. Contact CPE for information and contributions of thoughts, materials, spaces, tasks, etc!

The Healing Through Creativity Gathering

This project is near and dear to my heart. As a sister organization to Healing Through Creativity in W. Virginia it has been my goal to bring the heart and intention of this group to Cape Cod. The project is focused on how the arts contribute to and assist in healing; healing of the heart and soul which then impacts everything else. The gathering is an art exhibit, musical open mic, poetry reading, dance, and other offered performing arts to be shown during the course of a weekend around the central theme of healing and how creating in any form contributed to one’s healing journey. It is a project that calls to artists internationally and it will be a wonderful day when this manifests here on Cape Cod! So look for it within the next year as we will be calling for local artists as well as those beyond the borders of our area!

The Bridging Heaven & Earth Art Project

In this project CPE will take to the streets. The goal is to get street art created in the moment to support the efforts of the Bridging Heaven & Earth Art Project. This idea came as a vision to the creator of the project and was seen as a mechanism for healing the heart of our planet; Mother Earth. It is a world wide effort to amplify the healing of the earth through art as a collective intention and effort. A television show is being created around this project as well as a picture book. CPE would like to take to the streets and have individuals create a small square art piece to hang in our web of life collaborative art piece. Check out main street Elizabeth City, NC and Hyannis, MA!

For more information on the international project visit:

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