Welcome to the center’s web site and the beginning of our vision’s unfolding.

CCCPE is a center for personal evolution through classes, workshops, individual services, and community-building through group activities, seasonal festivals and open studio activities for creative expression.

As you can see, we are under construction. As 2014 arrives, so will our full web site.

Come back and check out the workshops, services, classes, and events that are in store for the new year ahead. We look forward to your interest and involvement at the center.

In the meantime, feel free to drop us a line at centerforpersonalevolution@gmail.com if you need any further information.

News Flash:

The center is offering the Telling Your Story Workshop in a weekend format on January 17, 18 & 19 and February 22, 23 & 24 please visit storyquiltworkshop.blogspot.com to get an idea of the workshop. An updated version of the workshop description will be found here on our web site once it has launched fully.

We are also offering Dream Renderings at a 10% discount if you mention you have visited our website construction page! Please see dreamrenderings.blogspot.com for more information on getting a dream interpretation. This is a great holiday gift to give a friend or a loved one.

For more information, to sign up for the upcoming workshops, or to purchase a dream interpretation please email centerforpersonalevolution@gmail.com.

A Message From Cape Cod’s Center for Personal Evolution’s Director:

“Welcome to the center!

I am so excited about the opening of Cape Cod’s Center for Personal Evolution and even more thrilled that you are here checking out our beginnings. The center is a manifestation of a vision that has been gradually unfolding for me; a place where individuals can come and explore their inner selves, share information, find healing and personal growth – individually and/or communally – as well as discovering alternative teachings that support, inspire, and nurture growth, healing and transformation.

Come and join us!”

Gwendolyn C. Natusch, M.Ed., MSW
Tel: 508-560-6891 or 508-687-9800