Services for the Soul

chakra  Intuitive Chakra Energy Reading

This is a soul & energy reading that reveals information on your mythic journey & physical journey. $40.00


Center for Personal Evolution Guided Meditation for Physical & Emotional Stress Release

This is an experience that will relax you in body and mind. This is self care at its best as it is sweet nourishment for soul, self, and body. $40.00 


shop1 Connect & Know Your Guide

This session offers you an opportunity to connect with your Divine Guidance; however that rests in your heart. Through guided meditation you are taken to your own inner sanctuary where you will meet and commune with your angels, Jesus, guides, the Divine feminine, God, Buddha and/or whomever it is your heart loves as that source of Love and Light.  This is a  relaxing, calming and heart expanding experience. $40.00 


cosmic meditation Personal Healing & Connection to the Divine

In this session you will be guided in meditation to your own inner sanctuary where you will connect with your inner Divine Guidance. Together we will listen to your Guidance and glean insights needed at this time in your life. $40.00 


art trees woman Individual Intuitive Training Sessions

This is an individual training that will teach you about your intuitive self. Everyone is at different levels of knowing and expressing their intuitive senses and these sessions are designed specifically for you. These sessions are an opportunity to learn more about your own intuitive self and how to understand and expand upon these. $40.00


100_2359 Angel Card Readings

This is an intuitive reading that focuses from a soul perspective in regards to healing of body, mind and soul. It is a wonderful way to receive an assessment of where you are on your journey and deeper awareness’s from a soul level. $40.00


dream doorways 9  Dream Interpretation

With a dream interpretation you are able to learn about the deep and rich language of your soul, gain a deeper understanding of your life and receive clearer messages about your life purpose and how to shift to get more solidly on your purposeful life path. A dream interpretation offers you clear directions on your life path for growth, self enlightenment, and transformation! This in depth dream interpretation contains the meanings of images and symbols that tell your deeper story. $80.00


100_1312  Soul Reading

A Soul Reading involves the Shamanic Practitioner interacting with spirit guides for insight into a specific dynamic, concern, or relationship, A Soul Reading provides you with a larger spiritual view of your journey as a soul on a human journey. Information on deep issues will come forth and solutions are made available for healing and wholeness. A Soul Reading generally begins with an overview assessment of karmic patterns and the current point in manifesting life purpose. Targeted insight may include life purpose, health concerns, relationship dynamics, career opportunities, meeting spirit guides, learning spiritual gifts, messages from deceased loved ones, and more. $150.00


(In person & distance formats available for most services.)

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