Mission Statement

Our organization values personal interactions that take shape in small groups & gatherings, and in one-on-one service delivery formats. We believe that this allows for and supports quality connections between service providers, clients and our community.

Creating and facilitating larger events in the local community on Cape Cod is the venue where CCCPE brings larger groups together for connection and for contributory causes.

Our classes, workshops, community activities and services are provided in the atmosphere of individual learning that promotes discovery, development, and insight.

We are committed to building and maintaining relationships with clients and participants of CCCPE based on dignity, respect, integrity, compassion and exceptional service.

Here at CCCPE we will always dedicate ourselves to offering a variety of opportunities to grow, heal, and step into new perspectives with a focus on using modalities that connect with the deeper self and soul that nurtures and develops individual’s personal connection to their Divine Source.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and will strive to go above and beyond for our clients and participants because we are so grateful for the trust they place in us.

We commit to giving back to the community and raising awareness around healing and personal growth through community events and fundraisers.