Buffalo Winds’ Teaching from Spirit: Tending the Fire Within

Buffalo Winds’ Teaching from Spirit: Tending the Fire Within Once again I set my intention for the journey to Chief Wind in His Shoes to meet with him in spirit and listen to his teachings that he wishes to bring to the world; to those waking up to their place in the hoop of life. In my ceremony I prepare to journey the shamanic way with prayer, calling the six …Read the full article

The Center for Personal Evolution’s June Newsletter

         The Center for Personal Evolution Offices in Virginia Beach, VA & Elizabeth City, NC June 2016  Classes & Events Class Spotlight! Awakening & Strengthening Your Intuitive Awareness June 29th & July 13th, July 19th July 27thWednesday EveningsIn this four class series participants will be given the opportunity to develop, strengthen & explore their intuitive abilities. Through class shares, mini demonstrations and experiential activities you will discover your …Read the full article

Buffalo Winds & Mother Earth’s Teaching: A Shamanic Practitioner’s Teachings from Spirit

A Shamanic Practitioner’s Teachings from Spirit Buffalo Winds & Mother Earth’s Teaching ~Gwendolyn C. Natusch, B.S.Ed., M.Ed., MSW Journey Date June 2016 As is the way in the Buffalo Winds I journey in my sacred way, the way that my heart has evolved within me that honors those who lead the way in the spirit realm and who have so generously and lovingly taught me and guided me for almost …Read the full article

Messages from Spirit: Buffalo Winds Teaching Peace Pipe Ceremony: You & Mother Earth

February has arrived with cold winds and the feeling it is time to take the last opportunity of the winter to hunker down and “look within”. What has the winter brought you in your time of moving inward when the north wind becomes your teacher through insights and reflection and quieter days when the sun makes room for shadow and night so that you may peer more deeply inside of …Read the full article

A Shamanic Practitioner’s Teachings From Spirit

Buffalo Winds: Animals & Their Sacrifice… In my journey a horse, a donkey, and a lama come to me. I am shown images of them in their daily experience with packs on their backs climbing mountains or assisting man/woman in some way. They work hard and they are down trodden and weary. I am told that the animals who serve man are not recognized for their contributions to man/woman that …Read the full article

The Winter Solstice: A Personal & Active Celebration

The Winter Solstice: A Personal & Active Celebration “Tomorrow is the Solstice, the rebirth of light, and a time to dedicate yourself with devotion to your love of neighbor, the Earth, feeling connected and belonging to the Cosmos, and feeling closer to the essence of Nature.” ~Foster Perry The winter solstice is believed to be the time for the rebirth of the sun. The solstice ushers out the shortest day …Read the full article

A Shamanic Practitioner’s Teachings From Spirit

A Shamanic Practitioner’s Teachings From Spirit Journey Date September 2015 These teachings from Spirit come from my inner meditations which, in the tradition that I follow, is called shamanic journeying. This teaching and information came in spontaneous journey while I was teaching a class as a shamanic practitioner. I was grateful at the time to be able to share the message in the journey. This group has been a part …Read the full article

Personal Evolution

Are you ready to evolve? Deepak Chopra has made this very question into an article about personal evolution. In the article he states: “You alone are the explorer of your inner world. Of all the ways to unfold your inner potential, by far the most powerful is to use the flow of evolution. Evolution isn’t just a theory but a force that has been working in every cell of your …Read the full article